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Phase equilibria of alkali metal salt (NaNO3,KNO3,RbNO3,CsNO3) in system HOCH2CH(OH)CH2OH - H2O at various temperatures

Author(s): Zhang Hui-Ying, Li Shu-Ni, Zhai Quan-Guo, Ou Yang-Miao, Jiang Yu-Cheng, Hu Man-Cheng

By using a self-made research device for phase equilibrium, the equilibriumsolubility of the saturation ternary systemof NaNO3/KNO3/RbNO3/ CsNO3 -HOCH2CH(OH)CH2OH-H2Oat 35 and 45 °Cwasmeasured, and simultaneously the density and refractive index of this system was determined. The experimental results showed that, in all systems, with the increase of weight percentage of glycerol, the solubility and density of the salt in mixed solvent were reduced, while the refractive index was increased gradually. The solubility, refractive index and density data in all the saturation systems were fitted by the four-parameter empirical correlation equation.

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