Pharmaocognostic evaluation of Calendula officinalis l.flowers

Author(s): Madhurima, S.H.Ansari, Mohd.Ali, Prawez Alam, Md.Sohail Akhtar, Sayeed Ahmad

Calendula officinalis is a most common medicinal and ornamental plant. The flowers of the plant has been used since long, in traditional system of medicine especially in Homeopathic system for the treatment of skin diseases as well as for its wound healing property. In the present investigations an attempt has been made for the pharmacognostic standardization of flowers of C.officinalis using macroroscopic and microscopic characters, physico-chemical constants, phytochemical screening, heavy metal analysis and TLC fingerprint profile. Results of the study indicates that besides the characteristic features like solitary inflorescence, median veins in ligulate florets, glandular trichomes, thick dark tannin filled cells and secretory canals in involucre etc., fluorescence analysis and thin layer chromatographic pattern of different extract can serve as finger prints of drug. Hence, the data generated will have potential utilization to determine correct identity, adulterants as well as for standardization and quality control of rawmaterial used in the development of medicaments.

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