Pharmacy Periodicals in India ΓΆΒ?Β? A Review by Research

Author(s): Prof. Anant Hardas

The first issue of Pharmacy Journal in India – The Indian Journal of Pharmacy was published in December 1894, however it was defunct after 3 years. The Modern Pharmaceutical Journalism in India was Pioneered by Mr. Premnath Bazaz, who started the Eastern Pharmacist in 1958 and equal contribution was by Dr. AK Patni, who edited Indian Drug since its inception published by IDMA. Today there are nearly 175 Pharmacy Journal published in mostly English (and also in Marathi, Hindi & Bengali) by 5 different categories of publishers in India. The PCI has set out official Journals – seven - for D. Pharm Course and No. 20 for B. Pharm Degree Course, and minimum 2 international Journals for each discipline of specialization at M. Pharm, Ph.D. and Pharm. D Courses structure in India this article brings out short History and progress of Indian Pharmacy Periodical as on today.

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