Pharmacological validation for sarasvata arista (An ayurvedic formulation) on maximal electro shock induced epileptic model.

Author(s): P. Muralidharan, Balamurugan Gunasekaran

In the present study, anAyurvedic poly herbal formulation, Sarasvata arista (SVA) was validated for its protective effect against seizures during epileptic attacks.Atotal daily dose of 1.5ml/ 100 gramof rat was administered to the test animals.After 15 days, seizures were induced by Maximal Electro Shock (MES) and the duration of various phases of epilepsy were observed and compared with the control animals. A significant (P<0.01 and P<0.001) reduction in the time taken for righting reflex was noted. The levels of some of the biogenic amineswere also estimated and a significant level of restoration in dopamine, serotonin and nor adrenaline was observed in the forebrain region of epilepsy induced rats treated with SVA.

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