Pharmacological and phytochemical review on Phyllanthus species

Author(s): Bahar Ahmed, Amita Verma

The genus of Phyllanthus (Euphorbiacae) is widely distributed and possesses diverse morphological characters. A number of plants have been used in the treatment of many ailments. A lot of work has been done on pharmacological and phytochemical aspects, and a number of chemical constituents have been isolated by various workers. In the present article, we have reviewed the work done on the plants namely P.amarus, P.niruri, P.fraternus. P.maderaspatensis, P.emblica, P.debelis, P.acidus, P.urinaria, P.sellowianus, P.stipulatus, P.corcovadensis, P.chamaecristoides, P.caroliniensis, P.tenellus, P.orbiculatus, P.acuminatus, P.myrtifolius, P.discoides, P.virgatus and P.mummuariifolius possessing different biological activities namely antihepatotoxic, anti-HIV, anticarcinogenic, antiinflammatory etc. with special emphasis on antihepatotoxic activity.

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