Pesticidal Evaluation Of Duranta Repens Linn. Against Tribolium Castaneum (Herbst)

Author(s): Ashik Mosaddik , Farjana Nikkon, Sohel Hasan, M.M.Rahman, F. Parvin, M. Ekramul Haque

The crude extracts stem and fruit of Duranta repens Linn were found to be toxic against both the larvae and adults of a stored product insect pest, Tribolium castaneum(Herbst). The chloroform extract of stem showed more toxicity than the ethanol and diethyl ether extracts. At 72 hour exposure the LC50 values of chloroform extract for adults was 90.5g/ cm2 and for first instar larvae was 9.1g/cm2, respectively. On the other hand the ethanol extract of fruit extract was found to be more toxic than the chloroform and petroleum ether extracts. The LC50 value of ethanol extract for adult was 66.0g/cm2 and only 8.3g/cm2 for the first instar larvae. In comparison, fruit extract is more potent than the stem extracts and the larvae showed comparative tolerance with the increase of their age and time.

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