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Performance and Emission of a Single Cylinder Di Diesel Engine Operating on Various Parameters Using Diestrol At EFI System

Author(s): S. Sivaganesan* and M. Chandrasekaran

An important goal of this research is to achieve the lower emission such as HC, CO, NOx and soot particles in diesel engine. Electronic fuel injection system under the high pressure allows a very high degree of flexibility in fuel injection timing, duration and pressure control, which can be used to obtain significant reduction in engine emission and improvement in engine performance. In this project single cylinder diesel engine was used with the help of an electronic direct fuel injection which was operated on biodiesel that produced from jatropha. Here, Injection timings were changed to study their influence on performance and emissions. The results have been compared with biodiesel blend and neat diesel operation. Advancing the injection timing and increasing the injector opening pressure increase the brake thermal efficiency and reduce hydrocarbons (HC) and smoke emissions significantly. This project is also to predict the influence of split multiple stage fuel injection on a DI diesel engine performance and emission characteristics. Split multiple stage fuel injection significantly reduces the formation of NOx compared to that of the continuous fuel injection.

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