Oxidation Of 1,2-Butanediol By Cu(III) Complex In Alkaline Medium: A Kinetics And Mechanism Study

Author(s): C.Y.Song*, J.H.Shan, S.G.Shen

The kinetics of oxidation of 1,2-butylene glycol by dihydroxyditelluto cuperate(III) is studied spectrophotometrically between 298.2 and 313.2K in alkalinemedium.Amechanisminvolving a two–step one–electron transfer process has been proposed, and the rate equation can be expressed as: kobs=2kK1[OH-][CH3CH2CHOHCH2OH]/(K1[OH-]+[H4TeO6 2-]).The activation parameters and the rate constants of the rate-determining step are calculated.

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