Oxidation of á,â- unsaturated alcohols by imidazolium dichromate

Author(s): K.G.Sekar, M.Vellaisamy

Oxidation of á,â- unsaturated alcohols (allyl, crotyl and cinnamyl alcohol) by imidazolium dichromate has been studied in 40% acetic acidwater (v/v) mediumin the presence of perchloric acid at 313 K. The reaction is first order each in [oxidant] and [substrate]. The reaction is acid catalysed one. Decrease in dielectric constant of the medium increases the rate of the reaction. Increase in ionic strength by the addition of sodium perchlorate has no effect on the rate constant. There is no polymerization with acrylonitrile. The rate of the reaction has been conducted at four different temperatures and activation parameters were calculated. From the observed kinetic results a suitable mechanism consistent with rate data has been proposed. The order of reactivity is Cinnamyl alcohol > Crotyl alcohol >Allyl alcohol.

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