On The Stability of Collinear Equilibrium Points in the Relativistic R3BP with a Smaller Oblate Primary

Author(s): Nakone B and Jagadish S

This study investigates the effects of relativistic factor and oblateness of the smaller primary on the locations and stability of collinear points in the framework of the post-Newtonian approximation. The collinear points are found to be unstable. A numerical exploration in this connection, with some members of our solar system reveals that the locations of the collinear points are affected prominently by the relativistic factor in the absence of oblateness and they are also affected significantly by the oblateness factor in the absence of relativistic terms. It is also found that in most of the cases, the position of is negligibly affected by the relativistic and oblateness factors. More specifically, all parameters involved have no effect on the position of of the Sun-Mars system. It is noticed that the oblateness and relativistic factors have same separate effect on the position of of the Sun-Uranus system and have also the same effect on the position of of the Sun-Neptune system. It is also discovered that in the presence of relativistic terms, the effect of oblateness on the Sun-Planet pairs does not show physically as shown from the third and fourth entries.

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