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Nutraceuticals 2018: Pharmaceutical to Nutraceutical: Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Industry - Dilip Ghosh- Nutriconnect.

Author(s): Dilip Ghosh

It is generally accepted worldwide that modern pharmaceuticals will remain out of reach of many people and “health for all” may only be materialized by the use of adequately assessed nutraceutical/phytomedicinal products. The human has been using food bioactive and/or herbal medicine for healing purpose from the beginning of human civilization. In recent times, use of herbal medicine for healthcare has increased steadily all over the world although it was neglected for decades by Western societies. However, the gaps in relation to the safety, claimed efficacy, and quality of herbal products used as herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, health foods, and cosmetics are being realized and addressed by many companies in their product development framework. The combination therapy of pharmaceuticals and food bioactive in disease prevention and treatments is one of the most discussed topics in recent time.

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