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Nutraceuticals 2018: How to raise efficacy of Nutraceuticals - Rakesh Kumar Khandal - India Glycols

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Khandal

Efficacy of Nutraceuticals has always been a challenge due to several factors that come into play at both molecular as well as at cellular level. Most of the research studies are concerned with the medicinal effects of bioactive chemicals derived from special foods. Emphasis is also on safety aspects of such products having properties of preventing maladies. Nutraceuticals are expected to render effects similar to Pharmaceuticals, but due to the fact they are not regulated the way the latter are, understanding of efficacy vs safety is the key. The present paper deals with the key aspects pertaining to the factors that help enhance bio-availability of nutraceuticals so as to achieve maximum possible efficacy. A detailed survey of literature which provides leads for future to ensure well being of consumers would be in the focus.The traditional Knowlede from ancient texts and practices prevailing in India would be the focus to highlight the ways by which benefits of nutraceuticals can be rendered. Role played by food matrix will also be discussed. How Role played by food matrix will also be discussed. How one can take advantage of these practices is the objective of this presentation. How certain exotic foods such as Millet can be used as the carrier of Nutraceuticals is also highlighted. The objective is to bring the established practices in Indian Households to the scientists from across the world so that prevention remains as a potent tool for health care rather than curing.
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