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Non Nucleophilic Mg Electrolytes: Recent Advances

Author(s): Carly Ziter

The development of rechargeable Magnesium (Mg) batteries is currently hampered by the lack of a high-performance electrolyte. In the early stages of rechargeable Mg battery development, Grignard-type electrolytes were the sole option. Grignard-type electrolytes, on the other hand, have intrinsic safety difficulties and limited oxidation stability due to their nucleophilic nature and strong reactivity, which limit the development of rechargeable Mg batteries in terms of practical use. Emerging innovative Mg battery systems, such as Mg-S and Mg-O2/air batteries, have recently required non nucleophilic electrolytes with good oxidation stability. This brief overview covers recent achievements in non nucleophilic Mg electrolytes, with the goal of providing insights into their electrochemical characteristics and active Mg ion structure.

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