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Nitrogen-Phosphorus Doped Graphitic Nano Onion-like Structures

Author(s): Amelia Smith

In a variety of fields, graphitic structures resembling onions are quite useful. Pentagons, heptagons, and octagons are fundamental aspects of onion-like graphitic structures that could produce important qualities for a variety of applications, including anodes in Li metal batteries and the oxygen reduction reaction. These carbon nanomaterials are fullerenes organized in a nested fashion. In this work, we produced graphitic nano onion-like structures containing phosphorus and nitrogen (NP-GNOs), using the aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition method. The NP-GNOs were produced utilising ferrocene, trioctylphosphine oxide, benzyl amine, and tetrahydrofuran as precursors at a high temperature (1020 °C). Different approaches were used to examine the morphology, structure, composition, and surface chemistry of NP-GNOs. The Fe-based nanoparticles inside the NP-GNOs have sizes of 110–780 nm. With an oxidation temperature of 724°C, thermogravimetric research revealed that NP-GNOs are thermally stable. Phosphorus–nitrogen codoping was discovered by FTIR and XPS research, as well as numerous functionalities containing C-H, N-H, P-H, P-O, and P[double bond, length as m-dash]. O, C [double bond, m-dash length] C-O bonds and O-O bonds.

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