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Nickel Oxide (NiO) Electrochemical Properties with Nanostructured Morphology for Photoconversion Applications

Author(s): Carly Ziter

The cost-effective generation of chemicals in electrolytic cells, as well as the conversion of radiation energy into electrical energy in Photo Electrochemical Cells (PECs), needs the employment of electrodes with a large surface area and electro catalytic or photoelectrocatalytic capabilities. In this regard, nanostructured semiconductors are very relevant electrodic materials due to the ability to alter their photoelectrocatalytic characteristics by doping, dye sensitization, or changing of deposition conditions. The family of Transition Metal Oxides (TMOs), with a particular focus on NiO, is of interest among semiconductors for electrolysers and PECs due to its chemical-physical inertness under ambient circumstances and intrinsic electro activity in the solid state.

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