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New Methodology to Determine the Surface Energy, Specific Interactions and Acid-Base Properties of Titanium Dioxide by Inverse Gas Chromatography

Author(s): Tayssir Hamieh1,2*, Fatima Al-Ali2, Ali Ali-Ahmad2, Khaled Chawraba2, Joumana Toufaily2, Zahraa Youssef3, Nabil Tabaja2, Thibault Roques-Carmes4, Jacques Lalev嶪5,6

Inverse gas chromatography was used to characterize the thermodynamic surface and interfacial properties of titanium dioxide catalyst. The dispersive component of the surface energy of TiO2 was determined by using the various models of surface areas of n-alkanes. An excellent linear relation correlating the differential enthalpy and entropy change of adsorption to the carbon atom number was obtained. A new method to separate the polar and non-polar contributions of the enthalpy of adsorption was proposed. The values of polar contributions of differential enthalpy of the probes were classified in increasing order: Benzene

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