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New discoveries and the necessity of reconsidering the perspectives on Newton’s second law

Author(s): H.Javadi, F.Forouzbakhsh, A.Jahanshir, H.Pour Imani

According to the mainstream physicists the observation and record of the motion of neutrinos at ultra relativistic speeds apparently seem to violate relativity postulate and to violate the speed of light as a universal constant. The Einsteinmass-energy equation E=mc2, the relativisticmass, relativistic form of Newton’s second law, the fundamental principles and equations of modern physics by generalizing this anomalywill be challenged. Some other observations and results make possible the speeds higher than speed of light which is not rather incredible and it will not be impossible; it only requires a change in today’s attitudes towards relativity and quantum mechanics. Thus this paper, from a new approach, turns out to merge the fundamental principles of quantumphysics, relativityand classicalmechanics through a new definition of quiescent state of particles like photon, and attempts to present the reasons and the possibilities of the existence of the superluminal speeds.At the beginning of the 20th century, Newton’s second lawwas corrected considering the limit speed c and the relativistic mass.At that time there has not been a clear understanding of the subatomic particles and basically there was little research in high energy physics, if we ignore the zero rest mass of photon, much better and more real physical phenomena may be investigated. The speed of the created particles is a function of the internal interaction and the mechanism of creation of subatomic particles, and the external forces that are exerted on them.

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