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Natural and chemically synthesized DSSC efficiency upgrading using silver nitrate additive

Author(s): Wesam A.A.Twej*, Mohanad M.Azzawi, A.S.Hasaani, Dheyaa B.Alwan

This work reports on a method concerning the improvement of the performance of chemically synthesized and natural dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells efficiency. This method deals with adding surface passivation elements to the electrolyte. Ruthenium N719 is used as chemically synthesized dye, while pomegranate juice as well as several fruit juice as neutral dyes. The dependence of the efficiency on the additives has been discussed. It is found that the addition of 1 g / LAgNO3 to the electrolyte solution in Ruthenium N719 DSSC resulted in nearly doubling the short circuit current and overall light to electricity conversion efficiency with slight increase in the open circuit voltage and fill factor. Moreover, in the case of natural cells, this addition nearly doubles the fill factor, maximum circuit voltage and conversion efficiency and has no effect on the circuit current. The addition ofAgNO3 to Rutheniumcell under an illumination of 40 mW/cm2 sun simulator exhibits good photovoltaic performance; the efficiency reaches 3.7%(5.3mAcm-2 J sc, 680mVVoc, and 69%fill factor). This additive accomplished enhancing in the upgraded DSSC efficiency from1.9%to 3.7%.

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