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Nanotechnology used in the production of food

Author(s): Varsha Rai

A developing technology is food nanotechnology. The twenty-first century's new frontiers are nanoscience and nanotechnology. Their uses in agriculture and food are relatively young compared to their use in pharmaceuticals and the delivery of medical care. Nanotechnology has been predicted by several scientists and engineers to take over the food industry in the twenty-first century. Even though there aren't many actual uses of food nanotechnology, several fundamental concepts have been thoroughly tested. Food Nano sensing and food nanostructured components are anticipated to be two important applications of nanotechnology in the field of food engineering. In the former area, nanotechnology can be employed to enhance the evaluation of food quality and safety. Nanotechnology has the potential to be used in food applications, and this promise will be realized through developments in technologies like DNA microarrays, micro-electromechanical systems, and microfluidics

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