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(N3-, M5+) Co-Doping Strategies for the Development of TiO2-Based Visible Light Catalysts

Author(s): Qingbo Sun, Bethany R McBride and Yun Liu

(N3-, M5+) co-doping is an efficient strategy to activate the visible light catalytic behavior of TiO2 for broad use in wastewater purification, air cleaning, hydrogen generation, and sterilization. Here, we briefly review the recent progress of (N3-, M5+) co-doping strategies for the development of TiO2-based visible light catalysts. The designed synthesis methods, the characterized material properties, the measured photocatalytic activity and the introduced local defect structures are summarized. It is expected that this mini review can build up a general framework for future/current research into (N3-, M5+) co-doped TiO2 materials and provide a direction for the further development of TiO2-based visible light catalysts.

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