Modeling corrosion of carbon steel in global marine environment from experimental electrochemical polarization data

Author(s): Subir Paul

Corrosion study of structural steel in marine environment is an important parameter for design engineers to predict life of structure. Marine corrosion of steel is a complex process as it is influenced by so many parameters of salinity, sulphate, bicarbonates ions, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen content etc. These parameters also vary quite lot depending geographical locations of the structure as well as various depths of sea water in which parts of the structures are immersed. It would be interesting to find and predict rate of corrosion of structural steel with any combinations of those variables by performing few laboratory experiments. In the present paper attempt has been made to develop a software to find corrosion rate of steel as functions of combinations of so many variables data fit for a given geographical location in an ocean., by performing some laboratory experiments based on factorial design of experiments. 3D mapping of corrosion of steel as function of two variables,(keeping other variables fixed) have been generated. Endeavors have also been made to predict corrosion rate of mild steel at a particular geographical location and compare it with real field study fromliterature.

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