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Microheterogeneity in Ionic Liquids: A reality

Author(s): Satyen Saha

Even though Sundermeyer first used Ionic Liquids (ILs) in catalysis as early as 1965 [1]. The real potential of ILs became fully appreciated in less than two decades. It was mainly initiated by K R Seddon and R D Rogers groups [2,3]. A focus of ILs research was first placed on developing “greener” alternatives to hazardous organic solvents as many organic reactions were found to undergo efficiently in ILs [4-5]. In the past decades, with the involvement of many researchers from different fields of sciences, the scenario has changed. Now, the ILs have immerged as whole new materials, much of which are yet to be discovered or understood. Over the years, ILs have found various potential applications; as the catalyst, electrically conducting fluids (i.e., electrolytes), and in many other applications in addition to powerful green solvent.

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