Mathematical modeling of a fixed-bed dryer for paddy-rice and its comparison with a fluidized-bed dryer

Author(s): M.Rajablou, M.S.Hatamipour

The moisture movement and the variation of temperature are simulated for paddy-rice in a fixed-bed dryer and fluidized-bed dryer by taking shrinkage into account. The equations of change were solved with an implicit numericalmethod. The drying time of Paddy-rice for both a fixed-bed and a fluidized-bed dryer is compared with the respective experimental data. The paddy type was named “Neda” with 25% initial moisture content. The drying process continued until the moisture content of paddy reduced to 12-14%. It was found that drying time in fluidized-bed dryer was 1/3 - 1/2 that of a fixed-bed dryer and this technique could be used instead of fixed-bed dryers

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