Mass Transfer in a Gas-liquid Up Flow Bubble Column in the Presence of Angled Disc Promoter.

Author(s): Ramaprasad BSG, Niranjan Rao B, Ashok Kumar K and Ramesh KV

Mass transfer coefficient data were computed from limiting current data measured at point electrodes fixed flush with the inner wall of outer cylinder of an electrochemical cell. A gas-liquid up flow bubble column acted as electrochemical reactor. Nitrogen is employed as gas phase and an electrolyte belonging to ferricyanide-ferrocyanide redox system is used as liquid phase. Angled discs arranged on a central rod with different pitches were used as turbulent promoters. The mass transfer coefficient data were found to increase with liquid velocity and disc diameter. An increase in disc angle caused a decrease in mass transfer coefficient value. No significant effect has been observed with gas velocity, rod diameter and pitch. A correlation in the jD-Re format has been obtained for mass transfer data by regression analysis.

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