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Mass propagation of an economically important medicinal plant, Lobelia nicotianaefolia Heyne using in vitro culture technique

Author(s): C.M.Ganesan, S.Paulsamy

An efficient protocol was developed to initiate in vitro propagation from leaf explants of the important medicinal plant species, Lobelia nicotianaefolia inhabiting the open habitates of Nilgiris, theWesternGhats at high altitudes. The MS medium supplemented with growth hormones NAA and Kn at the concentration of 2.5 and 1.0mg/l respectively is determined to be the optimumfor higher frequency of callus formation fromleaf explants. Maximum number of shoots (9 shoots/callus) was observed in MS mediumfortified with BAP and TDZat each 1.5mg/l respectively.MS mediumwith IBAat alone produced higher number of roots during subculturing (12 roots/callus). The plantlets obtained were successfully transferred in the hardening medium containing red soil, coir waste and vermicomposte in the ratio of 1:1:1 by volume in which 88% survivability was achieved.

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