MALDI mass spectrometry in the characterization of phytochemical products

Author(s): L.Mattoli, M.Burico, A.Gaetano, R.Seraglia, L.Molin, P.Traldi

Five commercial botanical dietary supplements have been directly analyzed by mass spectrometry by laser irradiationwith and without the presence ofmatrix (inMALDI and LDI conditions). The data so obtained allowed to obtain the characterization of the different samples on the basis of metabolite specific for the different botanic species contained. Furthermore, in the case of positive ion analysis the presence of polysaccharides is put in evidence by using suitablematrices (DHB, super-DHB). If theMALDI experiments are carried outwith 1,5-diaminonaphtalene as matrix with basic character, negative ion spectra of good quality are obtained, with the detection of an high number of metabolites, so leading to a clear characterization of the different dietary supplements.

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