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Magneto-Elastic Properties of [Fe(etz)6](BF4)2, [Fe(ptz)6](BF4)2 and [Fe(4ditz)3](BF4)2

Author(s): Martin Kriegisch, Franz Eder, Myrvete Tafili Kryeziu, Herbert Muller, Roland Groessinger and Wolfgang Linert

Large single crystals of [Fe(etz)6 ](BF4 )2 , [Fe(ptz)6 ](BF4 )2 as well as polycrystalline pellets of [Fe(4ditz)3 ](BF4 )2 were grown. Here we report first measurements of outstanding physical properties like thermal expansion and magnetostriction of these compounds. A discussion of the magnetostriction within a thermodynamic model is provided. Moreover magnetization data of some of these samples are presented.

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