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Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystalline nature of berberine in orthophosphoric acid

Author(s): T.N.Govindaiah, H.R.Sreepad, H.P.Nirmala, Nagappa

We report the results of our studies on the optical and thermal properties of the mixture of two non-mesogenic compounds viz., Berberine (BBE) and OrthophosphoricAcid (H3PO4). Themixture exhibits very interesting induced smectic phases, such as SmA, SmC* and SmE phases for different concentrations of BBE sequentially when the specimen is cooled from its isotropic phase. Different liquid crystalline phases observed in these mixtures were studied using DSC, X-ray and Optical microscopic techniques. The temperature variation of optical anisotropy has also been discussed. Helfrich potential and Elastic moduli have been estimated in the smectic phase using Helfrich model.

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