Leaching Kinetics of Na in Alkaline Soil of Kota, Rajasthan under the Influence of Adsorption-Desorption

Author(s): Dimple Goyal and Ashu Rani

The kinetics of leaching of sodium has been studied on undisturbed columns of alkaline soil (pH=8.2) of Kota region of Rajasthan, India. NaCl has been taken as the source of added sodium. Initial leaching rates (LRobs) have been calculated using Latshow method and linear power form equation (LRobs = k[Na+ ]i ) has been derived for dependence of LRobs on leachable concentration of Na present initially in the column during leaching. Effect of Ca-hardness of extractant and that of temperature in the range of 20- 500 C on [Na+ ]i and LRobs was also studied. Experimental data, when fitted on various kinetic data showed the first order kinetic model to be most suited, while others viz. zero, second, parabolic diffusion and elovich equations were rejected.

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