Kinetics, thermodynamics and equilibrium studies on the adsorption of Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Iron (III) by acid activated Nirgudi Leaf powder

Author(s): Ratna Shelke, Jagdish Bharad, Balaji Madje, Milind Ubale*

The study was performed to investigate the use of Acid Activated leaf powder ofNirgudi plant (L.Vitex negudo) as an adsorbent for the removal of transitionmetal ions like Ni (II), Cu (II) and Fe (III) fromaqueous solution. FT-IR characterization of Acid Activated Nirgudi leaf powder (AANLP) was done by standard procedures. The adsorption process was carried by batch experiments by varying adsorbent dose, pH of the adsorbate (metal ion) solution, temperature and time. The percentage removal of Ni (II), Cu (II) and Fe (III) byAANLP under different condition during the findingswas significant and is enlisted in the tabular formin TABLE 1. The order of adsorption during the findings onAANLP ofmetal ions were Ni > Cu >Fe. The equilibriumadsorption data were fitted with Freundlich, Langmuir Isotherms.Atime variation study indicates that adsorption follows pseudo-first order kinetics.

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