Kinetics Of Oxidation Of Allylalcohol By Diorthotelluraocuprate(III) Complex Ion In Alkaline Medium

Author(s): Yong-Qing Zhai, Hong-Mei Liu, Wei-Song Bai, Jia Xiao, Yu-Kai Liu

The kinetics of oxidation of allylalcohol(AA) by diorthotelluraocuprate(III) complex ion(DTC) was studied spectrophotometrically in alkaline medium in a temperature range of 25∼30°C. The results show that the reaction is first order with respect to DTC ,the observed reaction order is 3.321 ~ 3.502 for AA ,which is much greater than the reported value. It is found that the pseudo first order ([AA] >> [DTC]) rate constant kobs increases with the increase in [OH-] and decreases with the increase in [TeO4 2-]. A week negative ionic strength effect was observed. Under the protection of nitrogen, the reaction system can induce polymerization of acrylamide, which shows that the reaction involves free radical.

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