Kinetics Of Iodination Of Aniline And Substituted Anilines By Pyridinium Iodochloride In Methanol

Author(s): Sandeep V.Khansole, Yeshwant B.Vibhute

The kinetics of iodination of the aniline and substituted anilines using pyridinium iodochloride in methanol has been studied under varying conditions. The rates shows first order kinetics each in pyridiniumiodochloride and anilines. The rates of reactions are measured at different temperature and activation parameters for all amines computed. Hammett plot is found to be valid and the corrletion between the enthalpies and free energies of activations is reasonably linear with an isokinetic temperature 347K. Similarly log A values of all the amines are optimized corresponding to Ea of amines through the equation, logA=logkobs+Ea/2.303RT.

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