Kinetics and mechanism of silver(I) catalyzed oxidation of L-leucine by cerium (IV) in acid perchlorate medium

Author(s): M.B.Yadav, Vijay Devra, Ashu Rani*

The kinetics of the silver(I) catalyzed oxidation of Leucine with cerium(IV) has been studied in perchloric acid medium.Adecrease in rate with increasing concentration of cerium(IV) is observed and the detailed quantitative analysis of this behaviour is presented on the basis of dimerization of cerium(IV). The reaction exhibits fractional dependence on Leucine and that has been accounted for the formation of an adduct with silver(I).Aplausible reactionmechanismis given and the rate lawis derived:K = k1K1[Leu+][H+]/ ([H+]+Kh)(1+K1[Leu+]) (Where k is observed second order rate constant.)

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