Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Indigo Carmine with Potassium Bromate: Effect of CTAB and SDS Micelles

Author(s): Kalyana Chakravarthy M, Ramakrishna K and Subba Rao PV

The oxidation of indigo carmine with potassium bromate both in absence and presence of SDS, CTAB micelles is investigated. The kinetic runs were carried out in mercuric acetate which scavenges the bromate-bromide reaction. The pseudo first order rate constants are under the condition [IC]˂[BrO3-1]. The reaction shows first order kinetics with indigo carmine, H+ ion and Bromate ion. The reaction rate is increased with increase in the [SDS] and [CTAB]. The effect of micelles on reaction rate is explained by Berezin treatment and the binding constant of reacting substances with micelles is determined.

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