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Kinetics and mechanism of electron transfer reaction between tetraoxoiodate(VII) ion and 1,3-benzenediol

Author(s): Sulaiman O.Idris*, Nnamdi N.Nwanze, Johnson F.Iyun, Pius O.Ukoha

The stoichiometry, kinetics and mechanismof the electron transfer reaction between tetraoxoiodate (VII) ion and 1,3–benzenediol have been investigated at 30±0.5oC. The reaction follows the rate law: (k K' k [H ]) (H R [IO ]) dt d[IO ] 1 3 2 4 4       where H2R = 1,3-benzenediol. The rate of the reaction is independent of change in ionic strength of the reactionmediumin the range of 0.05  I  0.4 mol dm-3. On the basis of the result obtained from Michaelis-Menten plot, outersphere mechanistic pathway is proposed for this reaction.

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