Kinetic study of oxidation of cyclic alcohols byN-bromophthalimide

Author(s): Milind Ubale*, Jagdish Bharad, Balaji Madje, Fulchand Chavan, Mazahar Farooqui

Kinetic investigations of oxidation of some cyclic alcohols (cyclopentanol, cyclohexanol and cycloheptanol) by N-bromophthalimide (NBP) in aqueous acetic acid medium in presence of mercuric (II) acetate as a scavenger have been studied. The reaction exhibits a first order rate dependence with respect to oxidant, while it is fractional order in cyclic alcohols. The variation of ionic strength, Hg(OAC)2, H+ and phthalimide (reaction product) have insignificant effect on reaction rate. Activation parameters have been evaluated from Arrhenius plot by studying the reaction at different temperature.

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