Isolation, purification and characterisation of 2, 7, (14), 10 bisabolatriene- 1,9,12 triol, a bisabolene type sesquiterpene isolated from Curcuma longa L.

Author(s): Arghya Ghosh, Parthadeb Ghosh, Padma Chatterjee

Several bisabolene types sesquiterpenes have been isolated, identified and reported from the genus Curcuma. This particular compound 2, 7, (14), 10 bisabolatriene- 1,9,12 triol was reported by Huneck et al., 1986; Uehara et al., 1990 [19-20] from Curcuma xanthorrhiza. So far as literature survey reveals our work is the first report of presence of 2, 7, (14), 10 bisabolatriene- 1,9,12 triol in Curcuma longa L. The compound was isolated, purified and chemically characterized by various standard spectroscopic methods. The acetylated derivative of the compound was also studied and analyzed spectroscopically.

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