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Isolation and Identification of Fungi from Contaminated Soil to Build Biological Resource as Biocontrol Activity

Author(s): Snehal DF

The isolation and identification of fungi for the purpose of reduce the pesticide effect and reduce the effect of plant disease which is induced by the high use of the chemical pesticide or fertiliser. This research was aim to isolate and identified the fungi which is useful to for Agriculture practices and improve the life of fertility. Pesticides born plant disease control fungi were isolated from different samples of soil and identification with characterization done by certain staining technique. The methodology of isolation and primary screening of fungi was done pure plate technique on PDA agar, which is a selective media. Several strains of Trichoderma have been developed as biocontrol agents of plants. Biocontrol microorganisms have also been used as the form of composts in some plants. Biological control as an effective strategy to manage plant diseases increases yield and protect environment and biological resources and suitable agricultural system.

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