Isolation and chromatographic resolution of calophyllolide, an antimicrobial and cytotoxic coumarin from Calophylluminophyllum

Author(s): L.Kalyanaraman, R.Mohan Kumar, R.Pichai , S.Narasimhan

Calophyllolide, a 4-phenyl pyranocoumarin is the major component in the seed of Calophyllum inophyllum. As the seed oil was reported to be showing anti HIV activity, isolation of calophyllolide was attempted using a simple and efficient soxhlet extractionmethod.Anewreverse phase HPLC method was developed to check the extraction efficiency and purity of the isolated compound. Themethodwas validated as per ICHguidelines. Forced degradation studieswere performed to ensure the specificity of themethod. The LOD and LOQ of calophyllolide was found to be 0.011% (w/w) and 0.034%(w/w) respectively in thismethod.

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