Isolation and Characterization of Terpenoid Derivatives from Medicinal Plant Roots by Thin Layer and Flash Column Chromatography (TLC & FCC) Techniques

Author(s): Alaa J. Mahrath, Ghafil S. Hassan and Ehab K. Obaid

The present work includes separation and identification of triterpenoids like sterol, betulinic acid or oleanolic acid extracted from Alhagi roots plant by three stages. The first one involved extraction with soxhlet and identification process of the crude extract using thin layer chromatography (TLC) technique that depends on difference in the polarity of solvents of the mobile phase, while the second stage was isolation of the oleanolic derivative by flash column chromatography (FCC). The final stage includes full elucidation of isolated component by spectroscopic analysis as Fourier Transformer Infra Red (FT-IR with KBr disk and ATR mode), 1H-NMR, MS, and Elemental Analysis (C:H:N).

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