Isolation and bioactivity of diacetyltetritol from Merremia emarginata (Burm.f)

Author(s): A.Vasu Babu, R.S.C.Rao, B.Hari Babu, Gottumukkala V.Subbaraju

Diacetyltetritol (1), a new tetritol derivative was isolated from the ethyl acetate extractives of the whole plant, Merremia emarginata (Burm.f). Scopoletin (2), tetritol (3) and cyanarin (4) were obtained from the methanol extractives. Compounds 1-4 were screened for cytotoxicity, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory activities. Compound 2 showed potent antiinflammatory activity (IC50=2.15 µg/ml). Compound 4 showed potent anti-oxidant activity (IC50: 3.70µg/ml) and moderate cytotoxic activity (ED50: 39.57 µg/ml). Compounds 1 and 3 showed moderate brine shrimp lethality and anti-inflammatory activity. The simultaneous estimation of scopoletin and cyanarin in the methanol extract of the total plant was also carried out by using HPLC and was found that 1.02%of scopoletin and 1.12%of cynarin were present.

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