Isentropic sound wave propagation in a saturated porous media

Author(s): H.M.Duwairi, A.Al-Qaisiah, L.Batarseh

The process of sound propagation in a saturated porousmediumwith ideal gas behaviorwas studied inside the pores under the boundary layer approximations assumptions. It is foundthat themainthree parameters that governs the propagation process are: the Darcy number, Da  K/L, shear wave number, S  L ñù/ì and the porosity, å. The propagation process is going under isentropic condition and the sound disturbanceisundermono-frequencyandharmonicconditions. It is found that the increasing of porosity, å, increases attenuations and decreases phase shift for the both the forward and backward soundwaves; this is due to unfavorable acousticwave propagation in plain mediumlimits.The effect of increasingDarcynumber, Da, is to increase attenuation and increase phase shift velocities; this is also due tomovement of the porous mediumtoplainmediumlimitbyremovingsolidmatrix. It is also found that as the fluid flowvelocities inside solidmatrix is increased the attenuationand phase shift of the forward acoustic soundwaves are increased and decreased for backward acoustic soundwaves.

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