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In-vitro antifungal screening of Embelia ribes plant extract through EUCAST method

Author(s): Sanjesh G.Rathi, Vaidhun H.Bhaskar, Paras G.Patel

Aim of the present study was to investigate the antifungal activity of the Embelia ribes plant extracts using standard in vitro antifungal susceptibility testmethod like EUCAST (European Committee onAntimicrobial SusceptibilityTestingM27- A2 Protocol).Antifungal screening of Embelia ribes not studied in detail and not extended to the different spectrum of fungal which are causing human diseases. Thus different types of extracts were prepared using different solvents and TLC characterized. Assays were performed in 96 well plates and detection was carried outwith colorimetric plate reader at 530nm.To obtain the MIC50with the help of the graph pad prismsoftware.The petroleumether extract, solvent ether extract andmethanol extract had low MIC50 values against the Candida species than the other species. Solvent ether extract and petroleumether extractwere highly effective against the c.albicans (MTCC NO 183) with the 65 mg/L and 32mg/L MIC50 values. The methanol extract were more active against c.albican (MTCC NO 183) species with 300-500 mg/L MIC50 value. The solvent ether extract, petroleumether extract, methanol extract, potassium embelate and Embelin have reported theMIC50 values in range of 800-1600 mg/L against c.tropicalis (MTCC NO 184) and c.parapsilosis (MTCCNO 1744). The petroleum ether extract and potassium embelate was found to have MIC50 between range 300-700 mg/L against c.parapsilosis (MTCC NO1744) and a.fumigatus (MTCCNO2550) .Other extracts required higher concentrations against c.parapsilosis and a.fumigatus. Water extract was found to have MIC50 values greater than 2000 mg/L against all fungus. Most of the results for the Embelin could not obtain by EUCAST method due to having higher fluctuation in results.

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