Investigations on Some Divalent Transition Metal Complexes of 10-Membered Tellurium Containing N2S2 Donor Macrocycles

Author(s): Kumari S, Verma KK and Garg S

A new series of complexes has been synthesized by template condensation of 2-aminoethanthiol and diaryltellurium dichlorides, R2TeCl2 (R=p-hydroxyphenyl and 3-methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) in methanolic medium in the presence of divalent metal chlorides forming complexes of the type [ML1Cl2] and [ML2Cl2] where [M=Mn (II), Co (II) and Cu (II); L1 and L2=10-membered tellurium containing dithiadiaza macrocyclic ligands]. On the basis of elemental analyses, conductance, magnetic moment measurements, 1HNMR, Infrared and electronic absorption spectroscopy their structures have been elucidated. Based on these studies, a six coordinate octahedral geometry for these complexes have been proposed. These metal complexes have also been screened for their antimicrobial activity against some pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

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