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Investgation on the reaction mechanism of lysozyme with metronidazole by improved spectroscopy

Author(s): Rong Han, Baosheng Liu, Gaixia Li, Qiuju Zhang

To resolve the deficiencies in the interaction analysis by classical fluorescence spectroscopy with protein as research object, elastic scattering fluorescence spectroscopy with drugs as research object had been applied to study the interaction mechanism between metronidazole (MET) and lysozyme(LYSO) under human physiological conditions at different temperatures. The results clearly demonstrated that the interactionmechanism obtained by elastic scattering fluorescence spectroscopy in METLYSO system was consistent with fluorescence spectroscopy that LYSO was used as investigated object. The binding constant (Ka) that obtained by elastic scattering fluorescence spectrometry were much larger than the one obtained by classical fluorescence spectroscopyÿwhich indicated that reaction information was more accurate and comprehensive when regarding the drug as the investigated object. At lastÿthe scientificalness of the method based on elastic scattering fluorescence spectroscopy was verified by UV-visible absorption spectroscopy.

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