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Influence of extraction time on antifungal activity of Hemidesmus indicus and Swertia chirata

Author(s): T.R.Prashith Kekuda, B.Vijaya Kumar, K.V.Nayana, Meera B.Aiyer, T.R.Rohini, N.S.Anitha, Nethravathi Pai

Usually the traditional technique requires longer extraction time thus running a severe risk of thermal degradation for most of the phyto-constituents. The present investigation highlights the effect of extraction time on antifungal activity of Hemidesmus indicus and Swertia chirata. The aqueous extraction was carried out for about 2 hours and microwave extraction was carried for about 10-20 minutes. The aqueous and microwave extracts were subjected for antifungal activity by poison food technique. The results revealed the potential of both the extracts against test fungi. Microwave assisted extraction was found to be more superior to aqueous extraction in terms of reduction in fungal growth when compared to control. The results of the study are in justification that microwave extraction is of superior choice as it takes considerably lesser time to extract the components fromcells than other extracts.

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