In vivo assay of various extracts of Leucas aspera spreng for anti-inflammatory activity

Author(s): G.P.Kalaskar, M.Girisha, M.G.Purohit, B.S.Thippeswamy, B.M.Patil

Plant Leucas aspera Spreng is a member of Labiatae family. It is used in ayurvedic (herbal)medication in India for relieving of inflammation. In this study, dried whole plant was subjected for soxhlet extraction successively using Pet ether, Chloroformand Ethanol. The anti-inflammatory activity of the extracts against Carrageenan induced Pawedema (acute model), cotton pellet induced granuloma (Chronic model) and ulcerogenic studies (Sub acute model) in rats were carried out. The COX-II enzyme inhibition study was also carried out as an in vitro method. Amongst these three extracts, ethanolic extract showed good activity in all the models.

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