In vitro cytotoxic and anticancer activities of Asparagus racemosus Willd. roots

Author(s): N.Raaman, S.Selvarajan, C.P.Gunasekaran, Varalakshmi Ilango, Md IIliyas, G.Balamurugan

The root of the plant Asparagus racemosusWilld.was extractedwithmethanol by Soxhlet extraction. The extractswere vacuumdried and subjected to cytotoxic and anticancer activities on cultured cell line. Fromthe results it becomes evident that A. racemosus acts as an anticancer agent at a narrowconcentration of 400 µg / ml above which it becomes toxic to normal cell line and below that concentration, it has no significant anticancer activity on Hep2 cell line.

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