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Improving the mechanical and thermal properties of organic compounds by using simplex method analysis

Author(s): Omar Mohammed Said Ismail, Reda.Abdel Hameed

This paper presents an improvement of organic compounds properties, two cases was analyzed; firstly, the effects of pressure on organic chains. Secondly, the effect of rotating of organic compounds on melting and boiling points. Linear programming and operations research techniques are used here to study such effects. Both tensile strength and elasticity will be improved here by choosing the right pressure applied during the construction of the organic compounds. It is found that the pressure applied during the formation of organic compounds has a significant effect on properties of such compounds, melting and boiling points will be improved here by making some rotation in the bonds between central atom and sub (outer) atoms in the organic compounds under some constraints. The compounds for which these calculations have been made include carbon disulfide, branched thiols, cyclic thiols, aromatic thiols, n-alkyl sulfides, branched sulfides, cyclic sulphides (including long-chain n-alkylthiolanes and n-alkylthianes), aromatic sulfides, n-alkyl disulfides, alkylthiophenes, methylated benzothiophenes and dibenzothiophenes.

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