Impedance spectroscopy studies of PVA/PEG based polymer blend electrolytes

Author(s): Ranveer Kumar, Anji Reddy Polu*, Harsha Dehariya

A magnesium ion conducting polymer blend electrolytes based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) complexed withmagnesiumacetate ((CH3COO)2Mg) was prepared using solution cast technique. The typical complex impedance spectrumof the optimumsample at different temperatures comprises of a broadened semicircle in the high frequency region followed by a tail in the lower frequency region. The ionic conductivity increased with increasing dopant concentration. The 30 wt. % (CH3COO)2Mg doped systemhas amaximumconductivity of 3.23 x 10–5 S/ cm at 373 K. The frequency dependent ac conductivity of optimum conducting composition (OCC) at different temperatures shows a frequency independent plateau in the lowfrequency region and exhibits dispersion at higher frequencies. The ionic conductivity of polymer blend electrolyte was measured by varying the temperature ranging from 303 to 373 K. The temperature dependence of ionic conductivity reveal that conduction mechanism is Arrhenius type thermally activated process. The dielectric and modulus studies were studied at different temperatures.

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